Venus Envy is a 501(c)3 St. Louis-based nonprofit organization dedicated to empowering self-identifying women through the arts. The organization champions women’s artistic, civic, and creative pursuits in the St. Louis metropolitan area.

Since 1999, Venus Envy produced groundbreaking showcases featuring St. Louis female artists, such as Gravity Plays Favorites, Jennifer Hayes, the Taylored Poet, and Consuming Kinetics Dance Company. In 2013, the new board of directors revised the organization’s bylaws to welcome all self-identifying women to join the board or committees, as well as participate in its art events, outreach, and education programs to strengthen diversity and promote empowerment.

In 2014, Venus Envy expanded its impact by collaborating with the St. Louis Lady Arm Wrestlers (SLLAW), which shares its mission of empowering self-identifying women in the St. Louis metro area through community engagement. Joint fundraising brought Venus Envy’s dream of creating an annual education/professional development scholarship to reality. Please join us in celebrating the recipients at the Annual Showcase scheduled for September 2015.

If you are interested in joining any of the following committees, please click below and fill out with your information!  We will get back to you shortly.

2015 Board of Directors

President: Lorna Kurdi

Secretary: Kerry Butson

Treasurer: Courtney Armistead


2015 Committee Chairs

Curation/Recruitment: Laura Henke

Development: Malissa McLaurin

Culinary: Ashley Williams

Performance: Eli Wilkerson

Outreach: Teresa Quinn

Marketing/PR: Courtney Armistead

Events: Tricia Duffin


Venus Envy Board Expectations

-Uphold the Venus Envy mission statement, vision statement and core values as guidelines for my role in the organization’s operations and activities

-Raise awareness of Venus Envy’ in the community

-Attend board and committee meetings

-Attend events, volunteer and buy tickets

-Raise funds for the organization by selling tickets and introducing Venus Envy to potential donors, foundations and corporate sponsors

-Serve on at least one committee

-Oversee the organization’s operations carefully

-Read and understand the organization’s budgets and financial statements

-Recommend new board members

-Maintain a culture of diversity and inclusiveness among all board members

-Serve as a board member for 3 years


Committee Chair Expectations

-Host at LEAST ONE committee meeting a month

-Recruit members to join your committee and maintain

-Take meeting notes at your committee meetings in order to report back to the board each month

-Research at least one local female artist/performer/chef that the board should check out a month


Membership Expectations

-Serve on at least ONE committee

-Recruit new members

-Attend and recruit for at least one fundraiser